What is Made In Leyland and W1V2?

W1V2 is a wristwatch. The brand Made In Leyland is the company that will produce the timepiece.

The website’s function is currently a blog and a way of following the development of W1V2 until the final production design has been achieved. This final form is continuously changing from prototypes to test pieces, hopefully you can see and appreciate the efforts that have gone into making this watch via the website.

Why has this brand materialised and what does it represent? To understand why this venture is being pursued, we need to start at the beginning. Over five years ago, watches began to appear on the market via brands which previously had not manufactured such a product. This was a surprise to someone who appreciates horological history and with an interest in the timepiece market. The reason for this surprise is that this specific brand previously and continues to, produce handbags and other accessories. The average price of these watches is around £200, for a watch which is only water resistant, with the superficial plating rubbing off after 1 year. This is not my idea of a quality watch.

As a result of these findings, research into watches was made, at the mid to lower end of the market and a common theme appeared. A number of very similar watch designs exist within this market place, with only subtle changes in bezel, body and dial face. These variations are in colour, finish and print on the face. You can effectively purchase your ‘base’ model watch from a supplier, pay a small fee for them to put your name/logo/brand on the dial face and then sell it on at a healthy profit.

Marketed as a ‘premium but affordable quality watch’ these companies are re-branding and selling mass-manufactured generic designed (typically) dress watch style time pieces. It would be lying to you the buyer if they mentioned any word about the ‘custom’ design as the only design change has been printed on the dial face. Cheaply manufactured and assembled watches that may only have a water depth rating of 1 ATM (10 meters) do not represent a quality and luxury watch brand.

Furthermore, the movement inside the watch is often a sub-standard, inaccurate movement, which will need constant adjustments. This is one of the main areas that W1V2 will not skimp on; due to the fact that the basic movement will be at least ETA quartz (An ETA is a brand of watch Swiss movement and is a minimum requirement to be respected by the industry). As time progresses and the brand grows, even greater and more prestigious movements will be fitted to W1V2. One day when millions become available to invest into research and development a custom in-house movement will be developed and used.

The aim? My experience as a Design Engineer will ensure that the tightest tolerances are met, with quality materials, finish’s and design. A respected ETA movement will be used along with industry standard watch hands, glass, strap and crown. As time progress’s these components should be custom and produced in house.

The USP of this watch the be the utilisation of modern technology’s including hard anodising, the manufacture of the casing using a 5 –axis machine and cutting edge design that has engineering foundations. Having successfully designed assemblies myself that safely return from depths of 1400meters, will enable the production of a robust, stylish timepiece,

Combing all of this will produce a quality and luxury high end watch that should fit well in the watch market place… Made In Leyland.


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