5 Reasons Why Prototyping and Development Will Make you Happy

1. Perspective – The greatest CAD render in the world will not replicate a tangible object that you can hold or touch. Tiny physical details can be seen and interactive issues can be highlighted, these areas can be missed in the virtual space. – In Summary: Saving you time buy not reworking features and details that would have otherwise been missed.

2. Financial – This overlaps with previous points, but it is so important that it deserves its own heading. With any multiples of component order, the higher quantity, the greater the saving. When you commit to this order you must ensure that the part is as perfect as possible, otherwise you will have unusable/faulty items. Obviously not every item will be perfect, which is why we have revisions. By producing prototypes and developing your item as much as possible, you will eliminate far more error then if you were not too. – In Summary: Short term delay in production for development will save you more money and time in the long run.

3. Development – Due to the soft property of the 3D printed material (usually a type of plastic: PP/PLA) it can be modified quickly and easily via a needle file or abrasive. Also, if an item is required to be altered with material added, its much quicker to re-print the part verses ordering the new part from a manufacture that will be take a lot longer and cost much more. Typically, a 3D printed watch component will cost between 5 and 15 pence in material cost. – In Summary: By doing this you save time and money.

4. Market Research – It is far easier to get honest and natural user feedback on a physical object verse an image on a screen. A quick and reactive statement can be given by a potential user if they can interact with an object – In Summary: This will give you priceless information on what the end users require/expect from your item and what it currently lacks.

5. To Aid Support – If you are looking for investors, crowd funding or to show a future buyer. You will always increase your chances of getting that support if you have a physical object that they can hold. Furthermore, if it is a prototype then it is easy for them to see the developments made instead of showing them a rushed final design.  – In Summary: Your journey to the end goal of a final product will also be sped up by aid and support. This can be in form of expertise or financial and this chance of aid increases with a prototype.

Made In Leyland


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